Baking with Sinterklaas? Try one of these seven recipes

Although the ginger nuts were already in the shops at the beginning of September, the Sinterklaas fever has only really hit again since the arrival. To channel the nervousness of children (or yourself), Janneke Vreugdenhil listed a few of her favorite Sinterklaas recipes.

Sweet Sinterklaas baking

1Sweet memory on breastplate

Liters of whipped cream and mountains of sugar melt into a mass while stirring and let it harden again in a mold. That’s all it is if you make breast plate. The crunch of sugar on the bottom of the pan when stirring still brings Janneke fond memories of the November afternoons when she used to go to work with her brother.

In the recipe, Janneke gives the tip on how to know whether the mixture has melted is ready to pour.

2 speculaas Chunks à la Janneke’s mother

Janneke’s mother is a star in baking gingerbread. This is her recipe for thick gingerbread chunks, which were distributed in large quantities to family and friends according to Reformed custom. No one ever turned down that offer: Mother’s gingerbread was the best of all.

In the recipe, Janneke also tells you how to put together the most delicious gingerbread spices yourself. Quite handy, because they are usually just sold out when you want to bake gingerbread.

3 Gingerbread buttons for adults

In the fall of 2020, the first fall in corona time, people diligently looked for bright spots in a crazy time. While a fellow street member of Janneke already had the Christmas tree up at the beginning of November, she herself started baking spiced nuts earlier than usual. Extra bright spot: she spiced up the spice nuts with extra ginger, some chocolate and a dash of brown rum.

The spice nuts are not (so) suitable for children because of the rum, but all the more for adults.

4 Stuffed spiced Bisquit

It’s been a while, but in 2011 – and the years before and after – Janneke and her family received an annual high visit. The good saint herself always made grateful use of the roof of their house, which is opposite her children’s school. Before he climbed onto the roof through the cramped window, they always served him a cup of coffee and filled gingerbread.

You can even use the filled gingerbread from this recipe present to Saint

Savoury lovely evening

5Saint Nicholas fondue

Admittedly, it is not for everyone, but for those who do like cheese fondue, Janneke has the ultimate recipe in store. For her, cheese fondue was a tradition for years with Sinterklaas, but over the years it got out of her system. Until she found renewed energy and poured the old tradition into a new form: it turned out to be a wonderful evening.

Which cheese Janneke likes to use and what she does to curb the cheese violence somewhat, she says in the recipe.

6Potted roots

Which parent does not find leftover winter carrots in the shoes that are put on, because Sinterklaas’ horse O Zo Snel apparently already had his belly full from trotting on the roofs? Fortunately, such carrots are excellent for preserving in a beautiful pot. Nice for yourself, but also nice to give as a gift to a (fellow)foodie.

The carrots taste delicious in a sandwich or in a salad, but are also great on their own be eaten.

Sint with a tap

7 Warm Sinterklaas drinks

All Sinterklaas delicacies should of course also be accompanied by something to drink. Janneke collected three traditional Dutch, heart-warming drinks in one overview: mulled wine, slemp and hot chocolate. The latter two are alcohol-free and therefore very suitable for young assistant Sinterklaas and Piets.

As a bonus, after the drink recipes, she gives a counterpart to the sweets: a savory pastry letter with sausage, apple and sage.

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