Reception of asylum seekers in Someren continues after arson

The reception of 450 asylum seekers in group accommodation De Hoof in Someren, the building where fire was set in the night from Wednesday to Thursday, is still going ahead. That reports the municipality of Someren in Brabant. The first 225 people are scheduled to arrive next week. The municipality says it is sticking to the “decision to contribute to the crisis surrounding the emergency reception of asylum seekers in the Netherlands”. There will be additional security measures around the location.

There were no people in the building at the time of the fire. The fire was quickly brought under control and no one was injured, but the building was severely damaged. The damage is worst in the bedrooms, the rest of the building mainly suffered smoke damage. The mayor of Someren, Dilia Blok, immediately went to the camping farm after the outbreak of the fire. “When I arrived, the emergency services were still putting out the fire. I have no good words for what happened. Terrible. In such a place where residents and volunteers wanted to give asylum seekers a quiet period with all good intentions, that is sad,” Blok said to Broadcasting Brabant. She called the act a “terrorist act”.

A few weeks ago, the municipality of Someren announced that a maximum of 450 refugees will be housed in the camping farm. Several residents of the village were dissatisfied with the decision. The group of asylum seekers, which consists of both families and singles of about sixteen different nationalities, would stay there for two months. “In this way we offer them peace after a period of short stays of three weeks in the region,” said the municipality. The asylum seekers have been staying in Brabantse Sporthallen since July.

The group comes with security from the Brabant-Zuidoost safety region, the municipality confirms NRC. “We also ensure that there are sufficient additional security measures for them, but also for the owners of De Hoof, the volunteers, the employees and the residents of Someren.”

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