Turkey carries out airstrikes in northern Syria and Iraq

Turkey carried out airstrikes in northern Syria and Iraq in the night from Saturday to Sunday, the Defense Ministry writes a statement. The aim was to ‘neutralize terrorist elements’. Turkey says Kurdish militants, particularly the PKK terror group in northern Syria, were involved in last week’s Istanbul bombing.

The ministry said the attacks were carried out to prevent terrorist attacks in Turkey by “destroying terrorism at its source”. Areas in the north of Iraq and Syria are said to be terrorist bases, which are “used in attacks against our country”. The bombing falls under the right of self-defense, the ministry writes.

The woman who detonated a bomb in the center of Istanbul last Sunday, killing eight people, was arrested that same night. According to Turkish authorities, she confessed that she was trained by PKK and crossed the Turkish border from Syria. On the basis of that confession, 46 others were arrested.

The PKK denies involvement in the attack. “We have nothing to do with this incident and it is common knowledge that we would not directly target civilians or condone any action against civilians,” the organization wrote on its website.

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